Quik Serv

In today’s fast-paced, auto-dependent society, keeping your car in good running order is important. But finding someone who is qualified, trustworthy, and affordable to maintain your car – or finding the time to do it yourself – can be a major problem.

That’s why E.E. Wine opened Quik Serv Auto Maintenance Center, conveniently located at 9110 Centreville Road in Manassas.

Quik Serv is designed to thoroughly meet your basic auto maintenance needs. And because we know your time is money, we serve you fast.

In just 10 minutes or less, we’ll give your car an oil change and lube, including a 14-point vehicle check of your vehicle’s vital fluids and parts. We’ll even inflate your tires to proper pressure, vacuum your interior, and wash your windows. And as though that’s not enough, we throw in a free quart of oil to last until your next visit.

But There’s more!

Quik Serv Auto Maintenance Center offers Exxon’s full line of quality lubricants. We also provide additional car services like:

Quik Serv Automatic Transmission Flush

Quik Serv Gear Oil Refurbish

Quik Serv Cooling System Flush and Refill

Quik Serv Tire Rotation and Balance Check

Quik Serv Brake Service

When you need expert car care fast…turn to Quik Serv Auto Maintenance Center!