Complete Home Owner Service

As an experienced oil heat dealer mindful of Northern Virginians’ heating needs, Wine Energy is committed to bringing customers the best service and the lowest prices. Our motto is “selling less oil to more people.” That means that while we strive to obtain more business we also make every effort to show our customers practical ways to reduce their heating oil consumption, and save money.

Here are some of our special services:


automatic delivery of #2 heating oil throughout the cold-weather season.

Oil burner efficiency check

including smoke test, draft test, and CO2 test-free for all E.E. Wine customers with service contracts. (Annually with contract)

Furnace or oil burner tune-up

which, based on the findings of our efficiency test, scientifically regulates your heating system for maximum efficiency and savings. (Annually with contract)


emergency service and repair. Our Hot Line Number, 703-368-6568 enables us to respond quickly to your heating emergencies.


service contracts to give you the best, most affordable protection against breakdowns, fuel waste, premature replacements, and needless inconvenience.

10 and 12-month

even payment plans.


research-based suggestions to help reduce your energy costs without reducing comfort.

Senior citizen discounts.

Other Businesses

Wine Energy is the parent company of two other businesses, Crystal Clean Duct Service, and The Wi-Not Stop group of convenience stores. Please click on the company logos below to visit each of their respective websites.

Service to Business

For years Wine Energy has been efficiently meeting the fuel needs of many Northern Virginia companies-particularly those using commercial fleets. One of our primary business-oriented services is our On-site Motor Fuel Delivery.

Since it is often impractical-and sometimes impossible- for heavy construction vehicles to come to us for fuel, Wine Energy maintains a fleet of fuel trucks ready to go to any job, anywhere in the area. The savings in time and manpower alone makes this service an invaluable investment for the construction industry.

If your commercial fuel needs are substantial Wine Energy can install a complete fueling system at your place of business. And we’ll make it as sophisticated as you need. We offer several convenient, energy-saving options such as remote consoles, remote intercoms, and key-lock or card-lock fuel control systems with remote tie-in potential.

Of course, businesses can also come to us for their fuel needs. In fact, one of Wine Energy's most exciting developments in recent years is the installation of AAC-I at our Manassas terminal - with more AAC-I locations planned for Northern Virginia in the future.

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“Bonnie, and the driver who delivered my oil - thank you for your awesome service. I work at a dialysis center and I had to get to work on Thursday morning. I needed to stay up in Bristow to assure that I could make it, in light of the coming snow storm. When I realized this morning that I had no oil, I was very concerned about leaving my home unheated. Your willingness to ensure that I had heat is wonderful and I thank you sincerely.”

–Glenda D.